Halstead Cricket Club - Constitution

Club Constitution



1.         NAME

The name of the club shall be “HALSTEAD CRICKET CLUB” and shall consist of Honorary, Non-Playing and Playing Members. The pavilion shall be the Club House.

2.         AIMS and OBJECTIVES

(a) The object of the Club shall be the promotion of the game of Cricket in the Halstead area and the playing of cricket matches and provision of opportunities for recreation, social intercourse and refreshment for the benefits of its Members in furtherance of such object.

(b) To ensure that all club members abide by the ECB Code of Conduct which incorporates the Spirit of Cricket, and by the Laws of Cricket.

(c) To ensure a duty of care to all club members by adopting and implementing the ECB Safe Hands, Welfare of Young People in Cricket Policy, the ECB Cricket Equity policy and any future versions of the policies.

3.         OFFICERS

The officers of the club shall consist of The Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; President; Director of Cricket and Welfare Officer.

All Officers shall retire at the Annual General Meeting (the AGM) but shall be eligible for re-election except The President.

4.         MANAGEMENT

(a) The affairs of the club including the purchase for the club and supply to the members of intoxicating liquor shall be under the management of the Management Committee consisting of the five Officers of the Club.

The Management Committee shall meet once a month and three members shall constitute a quorum.

(b) A Cricket Committee shall also be elected at the AGM consisting of the Team Captains and three other members. The Cricket Committee shall meet when necessary and will retire at an AGM but be eligible for re-election.

(c) The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt and form Sub-Committees as required. Any such committee shall cease at the AGM following its formation.

(d) Any matters of the Club relating to the holding of its assets will be dealt with by three Trustees appointed by the Management Committee. The Trustees will act in accordance with the club rules.

5.         MEMBERSHIP

(a) Any person wishing to join the club must be proposed by a Member to whom he or she is personally known and seconded by another Member. No one shall be so elected until their name and address have been prominently displayed on the Club premises for not less than two days before a General Committee meeting at which the election shall be considered.

(b) A member shall be entitled to bring up to three guests to the Club premises on any occasion of a match or any social function held by the Club in support of the Club.


The annual subscription for Playing Members shall be £90 except for those Over 16 and Under 19 or in full time education who will pay £45. Halstead Colts Cricket Club will pay an appropriate lump sum to permit their members use of the facilities. All references to age apply as at 1st April of the current year.

There shall be a minimum subscription of £25 for non-playing Members which will entitle them to become a Vice-President of the Club. Bona fide couples may pay a joint Vice President’s subscription of £35.

The Management Committee shall be empowered to determine any variations to the standard subscriptions in any special circumstances.

All existing Members are expected to pay their subscriptions before commencement of playing any cricket; this is in line with our insurance company’s policy. The Committee shall be empowered to enforce a penalty of £10 for late payment. New Members must pay their subscription within two weeks of being notified of their election or may be liable to the same late payment penalty of £10.


Life Membership shall be honorary and shall be an honour bestowed upon those Members of the Club who are deemed to have given outstanding service to the Club. New Life Members shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the club. Any such proposals must be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least six weeks before the advertised date of the Annual General Meeting. New Life Members will be elected by a simple majority vote of those members present at the AGM.


There may be admitted to the Club Premises in addition to Members, at the discretion of the General Committee: -

(a) persons who on the day of their admission to the Club premises have played or have been selected to play or who have acted or been selected to act as reserve players, umpires, scorers or other officials in a cricket match organised or sponsored by the Club or held at the invitation of the Management Committee of the Club’s ground.

(b) On the day when the Club has a home cricket match persons who are members of any other Cricket Club with which the Club customarily plays cricket matches.

(c) Members and Officials of Halstead Colts Cricket Club who are entitled to use the ground and premises for practices and playing of cricket matches and members and Officials of any colts cricket club with which they customarily play cricket matches.

(d) Guests of any person as referred to in sub paragraphs (a) (b) and (c) of this rule.

Subject to any conditions which may from time to time be imposed by the Licensing Justices any such persons as are referred to in sub-paragraphs (a) (b) and (c) of this rule may purchase from the Club intoxicating liquor for the consumption by themselves and their guests on the premises during the permitted hours in accordance with the provisions of Section 49 (i) of the Licensing Act 1964.

The Club may on not more than 12 occasions per year supply intoxicating liquor to persons other than Members of the Club at pre-arranged functions provided that any profit made is used for the benefit of the Club.

9.         EXPULSION

The expulsion of a member shall be determined by ballot at a Special Meeting called for that purpose and such a Member shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting.


The opening hours of the Club House are from 10am until 11pm each day subject to the right of the Committee to keep the club House closed on any particular day or days if the Committee consider it proper in the interests of the Club and its Members.

The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor under the Licensing Act 1964 shall be: -

Mon. to Sat. inclusive………………………………….11.00 hrs to 2300 hrs.

Sundays………………………………………………...12.00 hrs to 2230 hrs

No Opening on Good Friday or Christmas Day

No intoxicating drink shall be supplied to a guest, unless the same shall be ordered and paid for by the Member.


The Annual General Meeting for the election of Officers and Committee and passing of accounts shall be held each year in the month of November.


The Honorary Secretary shall call an Extraordinary Meeting on receiving a requisition signed by ten Members. The Honorary Secretary shall give seven days’ notice for Committee and General Meetings.

13.       COLOURS

            The Club Colours shall be Green, Yellow and Blue.


No alteration to rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting of the Club or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.

15.      MEMBERS AND RULES                                                                                                          

            Every Member shall be subject to these Rules and be provided with a copy.


In the event that the Club is dissolved, its members shall approve, in general meeting, that its assets be made available for any of the following purposes:

The purposes of a Community Amateur Sports Club

The purposes of the England & Wales Cricket Board for use in youth cricket in Essex.

The purposes of a Registered Charity