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Fantasy Cricket
After Week Ten, Shaweshank Redemption are top for Sam Hawes. Meanwhile, Dave Hawes' Legend's XI retain third as Ed Clark's SMEG XI climb to second. 

Position Team Name Manager Total
1 Shaweshank Redemption Sam Hawes 7532
2 SMEG XI Edward Clark 7296
3 Legend's Eleven Dave Hawes 7265
4 Names On The Board Josh Wells 7232
5 Voucher time ?? Justin Rose 7226
6 Firmin’s Protégés Adam Morris 7144
7 Hotel XI Joe Morris 7073
8 Why Am I Only £5.2m In The Fantasy League? Ian Pont 6938
9 The Nurdlers Josh Ruthven 6885
10 Moeen the Wicket David Baalham 6876
11 Is Dako Playing This Week? Russell Hansey 6829
12 Cod. Piece. Partridge. Callum Hansey 6738
13 Don’t forget your match fees! Ken Paisley 6695
14 Agricultural Merchants Kevin Ruthven 6694
15 The Crimson Thumb Harry Pritchard 6598
16 No Balls, All Scorebook Lauren Hume 6573
17 Sledgers eleven Gary Dicker 6229
18 Old boys brigade Neale Dakin 6209
19 The Ringer's Sting Sam Walter 6106
20 Dunc CC Duncan Clark 6008
21 The Space Cadets Samuel Hume 5875
22 Cones Chris Rayner 5768
23 Who’s got the dove Liam Jones 5383
24 Boom Boom....Caught Charles Mallett 5370
25 Slow Salah and his Merry Men Josh King 5209
26 Crocket's Crackers David Rawlinson 5148
27 The Dunster Tanliners Charlie Douglas-Hughes 5121
28 Doctors doughnuts ?? Graham Wickes 5047
29 No Quick Singles Steve Macklin 4697
30 Lew’s lads Lewis Brennan 4450

To play the HCC Fantasy Cricket game, please visit https://halstead.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk/

The points scoring differs between Batters, Bowlers, Wicketkeepers and All-rounders. We have tried to even out some of the scoring and changed some players’ categories from last year. 

After much toing and froing, formulae, tinkering and downright frustration, we have finalised the player values which should mean that everyone has the opportunity to select a balanced, varied team.

We will review this over the season to make sure we don’t have a repeat of last year where team values went over and above the actual budget meaning people couldn’t make transfers.

Entry for the season is once again £5 and once we have finalised our number of competitors I will send out the intended prizes. There will however be a prize again for the best team in second half of the season (July to September) and for the best team name.

Please get your entry money sent over to Ed Clark:
Mr E Clark

Anyone that has not paid by the second weekend of May (12th) will be disqualified from the prizes until they pay.

If you have any questions, please let either Cal or Ed know. 

Go well,
Cal and Ed