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PGA Championship Sweepstakes

09 May 2019

Morning all,

After the success of our Masters Sweepstake, we are going to run the competition again for next week’s PGA Championship. The same rules apply (stated below), £5 entry to be paid in cash to Callum or via bank transfer to Ed.

Last competitions winners won a share of £112, second place took £32.50 and third took a share of £25.50, so it’s worth taking a punt. Please note, if the player you wish to select is not on the below list, you can still pick them. If your pick does not start the tournament, we will ask for a new pick.
Below is a summary of the rules to explain how things work.
The field has been split into two halves: those players from USA and those from the Rest of the World. These two pots of players have then been split in two again based on the players’ respective world rankings. 
Each person taking part in the sweepstake must pick 4 players, two from the USA pot and 2 from the rest of the world pot; however, within each pot there must be one player from the top half of the pot and one from the bottom.
The best example, according to last year’s Masters competition would be as follows…
ROW Player 1: John Rahm (-11)
ROW Player 2: Cameron Smith (-9)
USA Player 1: Patrick Reed (-15)
USA Player 2: Russell Henley (-5)
At the end of the tournament the cumulative score of each person’s four players will be added up and the person with the lowest overall score will win the sweepstake.
So based on the scores above this person would have a score of -40.
If in the event one or more of your chosen players miss the cut, their score will be doubled. This is to avoid the situation of having someone with players who have missed the cut winning by the fact the weather may have changed (or some such event) on the last two days of the tournament resulting in the remaining players shooting higher scores. 
At the other end of the scale therefore from the Masters last year would be…
ROW Player 1: Sergio Garcia (+15 - CUT)
ROW Player 2: Angel Cabrera (+15 - CUT)
USA Player 1: Gary Woodland (+10 - CUT)
USA Player 2: Billy Horschel (+11 - CUT)
So based on the scores above this person would have a score of +102.
The reason for doing the sweepstake this way, rather than just randomly selecting a name, is that it makes it a bit more of a test of skill rather than blind luck and will hopefully keep you interested throughout the tournament. For those of you who are just doing it for the fun and don’t have a massive amount of golf knowledge, nothing has really changed… you’re just pulling four names out a hat rather than one!
On the attached, in the right-had column are the odds that Sky Bet has given for each player’s chances of winning. This should help to give you a guide of who’s in the running.
The prize fund will be split as follows:
1st Place: 60%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 15%
In the event that more than one person has the lowest overall cumulative score the pot will be split equally between those people. The same applies for 2nd & 3rd place.
I hope that all makes sense, if not just let me know.
The stake is £5. All entries need to be in by 6pm Wednesday 10th April.
You can pay in cash or transfer money to the below account with your name in the reference:
Mr E Clark
Any entry not paid by the start of the first round (unless you have contacted us) will not be counted.
Good luck and any questions please let us know.

Ed and Cal
P.S. If there is anyone not included on the email who you think might be interested, then feel free to pass it on.